The Role of a Law Firm in the Legalization of Employment and Residence for Foreigners in Poland

To take up employment and stay in Poland legally for citizens of non-EU, EEA, and Swiss countries (so-called third countries), it is generally necessary to have the appropriate permit. However, the legalization of employment and residence in Poland for workers from third countries can be a challenge, both for employers and foreigners themselves. Procedures, documents, and all formal requirements can be complex, which is why cooperation with an experienced Law Firm can prove to be invaluable in this process.

Cooperation with the Law Firm in Legalizing Work/Stay for Foreigners

The main benefit of engaging a Law Firm is comprehensive advice. Experienced lawyers can precisely explain to both the employer and the foreign worker all the steps and documents required for the legalization of employment and residence. A professional will also advise on the optimal procedure to be used in a given situation, as regulations may vary depending on the worker’s situation or country of origin.

Can the Law Firm Submit an Application on Behalf of the Employer/Foreigner?

Yes! Legal advisors and lawyers within the Law Firm have the ability to act as representatives for both the employer and the foreign worker. This also applies to actions taken during the procedure for legalizing a foreign worker’s employment or residence in Poland. Only in the case of a residence permit for a foreigner, personal attendance at the office is required. If you provide all the necessary documents to the Law Firm, you can delegate the remaining stages of the procedure to them.

Benefits of Collaborating with the Law Firm in the Work/Stay Legalization Procedure:

Entrusting the process of legalizing a foreign worker’s employment or residence to a Law Firm offers numerous benefits, such as:

Comprehensive advice: Legal advisors from the Law Firm can explain the entire legalization process in detail, from the required documents to the steps to be taken. You receive personalized support that helps you understand all aspects of the procedure. Minimization of error risk: Choosing the right procedure and completing documents can be complex and prone to errors. The Law Firm will assist in filling out forms and provide a list of required documents, minimizing the risk of mistakes. Document verification: The Law Firm will check all documents to ensure they comply with regulations, preventing later issues or delays. Customization to individual needs: Each foreign worker’s situation may be different. The Law Firm can tailor procedures to the individual needs of the employer and the employee, providing personalized solutions. Time savings: Tasks related to the legalization of a foreign worker’s work/stay can be time-consuming. By delegating them to the Law Firm, the employer can focus on other aspects of their business. Safety: Failure to meet legal requirements can result in the refusal of decisions and administrative sanctions. By working with the Law Firm, the risk of such situations is minimized.

Is it Worth Entrusting the Law Firm with the Legalization of a Foreigner’s Work/Stay?

Absolutely. A Law Firm can provide significant support in the process of legalizing the employment and stay of foreigners in Poland. Comprehensive advice, representation before government offices, and the expertise of specialists allow for an effective and efficient navigation of the procedures, eliminating unnecessary stress and problems.