In the art. 59 par. 7 of the act of 7th July 1994 Building Code (Dz. U. of 2017 pos. 1332) the legislator has regulated the issue of being a party to proceedings on the permission of using. According to the content of the regulation “a party to proceedings in the case of the permission of using can be only the investor”.

Although it seemed that the content of this regulation is clear and there are no doubts concerning it, it caused the dispute before the Supreme Administrative Court of file no. II OSK 1869/15 connected to possibility of being a party to proceeding in the case of permission of using by people other than the investor.

In the above case the owner of the property adjacent to the property being the subject of the proceeding has submitted to the regional inspector of building control an application for annulment of the decision of the district inspector of building control that let using it.

The regional inspector of building control, based on art. 61a§ 1 KPA, refused to open the proceeding for annulment of decision indicating that in the case occurred a subject reason for not opening the proceeding because of the regulation of art, 59 par. 7 of the Building Code.

The above sentence was maintained in force by the chief inspector of building control who agreed with the organ of the first instance that a person submitting the application for annulment of decision is not a party according to art. 59 par. 7 of the Building Code and does not have right to claim this annulment.

The owner of the property adjacent to the property being a subject of proceeding did not agree with  the sentence and brought an administrative complaint concerning this sentence to the Voivodeship Administrative Court in Warszawa.

Both VAC in Warszawa and the Supreme Administrative Court agreed with the complainant in the sentence of 23rd March 2017, file no. II OSK 1869/15.

When analyzing the issue of legitimacy of the complainant the courts stated that the construction of the art. 59 par. 7 of the Building Code limits the range of the subjects that may be parties according to the definition of a party from art. 28 KPA. This limitation concerns the proceeding of the jurisdictional nature as well as the urgency procedures. According to the decision of the administrative courts on this matter the limitation of the parties to proceedings ,the subject of which is granting a permission to use the building only by the investor, concerns only the situations where such decision was issued after finishing the building implemented based on the  construction permit and according to the functioning legal permits. Only in those cases it can be admitted that the interests of other subjects, which are evaluated in the earlier phases of the building process, will not be affected. In the case of effective questioning of the compliance with law of the construction permit, and such situation occurred in this case, according to art. 59 par.7 of the Building Law it is limited. The regulation of art. 59 par. 7 of the Building Law on determining the parties to the proceeding connected to granting a permission of using does not concern the situation when the decision on the permission to use is the result of the resolution in the case of eliminating legally the decision on the construction permit, legislation of illegal building or the derogation from the conditions of permit.

Taking into consideration all the above, the administrative courts have stated in the case that because the proceeding on the annulment of the construction permit had not been finished, the decision based on which the subject permit to use was issued, it could not be accepted that the issue of the lack of legal interest of the complainant concerning opening the proceeding on the annulment of the permission to use is clear and does not require the further investigation procedure.