In 2018 the amount of the minimal remuneration for work will raise again. On 12th September 2017 the Council of Ministers adopted a regulation on the amount of minimal remuneration for work and the amount of the minimal hourly rate in 2018.

The government has settled that from 2018 the minimal remuneration for work will be 2100 zl gross, so about 1530 zl net. It indicates the raise in the amount of 100 zl comparing to the minimal remuneration  from 2017.  At the same time the amount of the minimal hourly rate will raise for people working on the base of service contracts and contracts of specific works. The amount for those from 2018 will be 13,7 zl gross.

The agreed amounts of the minimal remuneration are higher that the obligatory minimum referred to in art. 5 of the minimal wage act which is 2049,30 zl in the case of minimal remuneration for work and 13,30 in the case of the minimal hourly rate. From the explanation of the regulation we can conclude that it is the result of the current situation on the labor market, optimistic predictions of the economic growth and the inflation rate.

The minimal remuneration for work is the settled lowest remuneration that the employer has to pay monthly to each of the workers employed full-time independently of his/her qualifications, classification, components of the remuneration, system and working time for a given employer as well as the special qualities and work conditions.

Together with the raise of this remuneration also other benefits will be raised, such as: severance allowance connected to collective redundancy that will be fifteen times the minimal remuneration minimally, allowances for night work, remuneration for the downtime or the basis of the sickness or maternity allowances.