Since when can a foreigner start working legally? You will find out from the recording below

If you are considering hiring an employee from outside the European Union, you are likely wondering when they can start working legally. Procedures may vary, but there are some general principles to keep in mind.

Notification for Ukrainian citizens: You can do this sequentially, but remember you must do so within 14 days from the start of employment of the foreigner. This means the employee can start working before the notification is submitted.

Statement on entrusting work: If you have chosen this option, you must wait for the statement to be registered before the employee can start work. Therefore, ensure you submit the statement on entrusting work in a timely manner.

Work permit: For a work permit, you typically need to wait for its issuance. Considering the formalities and processing time, it is recommended to apply for the permit at least one or two months before the planned employment of the foreigner.

Ensuring the legality of employment is a crucial step for every employer. Be responsible and comply with the required procedures!