The Law Firm has extensive experience in advising entities from the sales sector in b2b and b2c industries

The scope of counseling:

  • Permanent legal service of entities from the sales sector.
    The Law Firm provides permanent services to Clients in the sales sector. As part of the service, we provide counseling in all aspects and activities.
  • Counseling in the scope of competition law.
    The Law Firm assists clients in the broadly understood competition law and the regulations concerning the abuse of a dominant position.
  • Negotiation and preparation of agreements.
    The Law Firm assists clients in securing the legal aspects of trade negotiations. In this respect we are responsible for the analysis or the preparation of agreements, aiming at limiting risks for Clients.
  • Representation before public administration authorities
    We represent the Clients in proceedings before public administration authorities.
  • Representation before common and administrative courts
    We represent Clients in disputes before civil, commercial and administrative courts.


The Law Firm negotiated and prepared agreements with several of the largest retail chains in the country for Clients in the food and fast moving consumer goods industries.
In the course of these operations, the Clients were secured in terms of risks of slotting allowance, contractual penalties, and conditions of supply.

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