With the 1st January, 2019 the regulations, which will facilitate storage of employees’ records concerning employees and firms accepting an order shall come into force and lower costs related to its storage. Since January, the employer shall be able to decide on the form of its storage – paper or electronic. Previous records in paper form may be exchanged by employer for electronic form by scanning them and recording on IT data carrier. Digitalisation of personal records shall be suitably secured so that employers did not meet with loss of data.

Also, storage period of employees’ records shall be reduced, which for all freshly employed persons shall amount to 10 years since the end of calendar year, in which the work relation has ended or commission contract has been terminated.

For employees employed for the first time in the period from January 1999 until December, 2018 the storage time of records may be reduced from 50 to 10 years, but only after fulfilment of additional conditions, which arise from the act. Reduction in storage time of documentation will be possible thanks to transferring all necessary data to Social Insurance Company, based on which determination of entitlement to a chosen allowance and its amount.

However, in case of records relating to employees/contractors employed before 1st January, 1999, it will be necessary for storing them throughout 50 years.