Law of damages

The Law Firm has significant experience within the scope of claiming compensations and reimbursements. We deal with matters associated with:

  • compensations for property damage under third-party liability insurance, e.g. damage to a vehicle, clothes or the costs of towing and parking of the damaged vehicle
  • compensation due for the concluded accident insurance under which (depending on the concluded agreement) a compensation is paid in case of vehicle theft, impossibility to determine the offender or also damages resulting from the insured person’s fault.
  • agricultural accidents,
  • compensation for a medical error resulting in the loss of health or life, within the scope of which it is possible to obtain not only one-time allowance but also a permanent compensation pension, among others for increased needs or the loss of the ability to work.
  • accidents at work,
  • compensation for health damage dependent on the type of injury, durability of consequences or the suffering intensity, while also the job performed by the injured person or his/her material situation may be important.

Within the frameworks of cooperation we help to obtain:

  • reimbursements for the damage suffered;
  • reimbursement of the costs of treatment, care, rehabilitation;
  • reimbursement of the lost incomes;
  • disability pension for the future due to increased needs;
  • countervailing disability pension for the complete or partial loss of earning capacity;
  • compensation for a damaged or stolen vehicle;
  • compensation for other property destroyed or lost in the accident
  • compensation for the significant deterioration of life situation;