The Law Firm provides active counseling for the health care sector. Among our Clients, there are both networks of medical entities and individual entities.

We also provide assistance in the field of public procurements in the health care sector.

We aid Clients in keeping up with the constantly changing legal environment, we analyze the planned regulations in order to limit risks for Clients.

The scope of counseling:

  • Permanent legal representation
    The Law Firm provides permanent services to Clients in the health care sector. As part of the service, we provide counseling in all aspects and activities.
    We supervise the changing legal environment to provide our Clients with timely information.
  • We handle public procurements in the health care area.
    We counsel both the Procuring Entities and the Contractors. In the course of counseling we offer the Ordering Parties complete handling of tender procedures, including the preparation of tender documents, assistance in preparing the terms of reference, drafting agreements, support of tender procedures, including participation in tender commissions, representation in proceedings before the National Board of Appeal and common courts of law, legal counseling on modes of negotiation and non-tendered orders.
    To Contractors from the area of health care, we offer assistance in the preparation of tenders, handling all aspects of proceedings, preparation of appeals, representation in proceedings
  • We handle all proceedings before the NFZ.
    We counsel Clients in proceedings before the National Health Fund (NFZ). In the course of the counseling, we prepare the necessary written positions and represent the Clients.
  • Counseling regarding medical malpractice.
    Our practice also involves handling litigation concerning medical errors. We represent the Clients both before the commission for evaluation of medical events and common courts.


The Law Firm was responsible for the change in the legal form of health care entities.

The Law Firm was responsible for the sale of a network of health care entities to a pharmaceutical company. In the course of these operations, the Law Firm remodeled a SPA agreement in a way that failure to detect the risks was attributable to the buyer, not the Client.