The Law Firm provides counseling to the broadly understood e-commerce sector. As part of its practice, the Law Firm provides counseling on Internet law, consumer regulations, and regulations concerning the protection of personal data.

The scope of counseling:

  • Legal counseling.
    The Law Firm provides full legal counseling to entities from the e-commerce industry.
  • Preparation of terms of service for online stores.
    The Law Firm provides counseling on the preparation and implementation of online store terms of service. As a part of counseling, we pay special attention to compliance with the terms of service with the applicable consumer regulations.
  • Preparation of privacy policies.
    We support our Clients in the preparation of privacy policies meeting the requirements of the law.
  • Preparation of personal data protection policies.
    We counsel Clients on the requirements of the Law on Protection of Personal Data. We analyze existing policies, and if necessary, we implement changes.
  • Protection of copyrights on the Internet
    As part of its practice, the Law Firm provides counseling on how to protect copyright on the Internet, and it takes appropriate legal action to secure the rights of its Clients.


The Law Firm participated in the development and implementation of terms of service, policies for the protection of personal data and privacy in a number of entities in the e-commerce industry.