We know what kind of burden such matters have, that is why we approach each case individually, we are already engaged from the pre-trial stage, before such authorities as the Prosecutor’s Office, the Police, Internal Security Agency (ABW), and before other authorized bodies, by defending the accused in all instances and representing the convicted persons at the stage of the criminal enforcement proceedings, in particular in cases of postponement or suspension of the immediate imprisonment sentence.

Madejczyk Law Firm advises individual Clients on the following matters:

– defense in petty offense cases
– defense in criminal cases
– representation at the stage of enforcement proceedings

Madejczyk Law Firm advises business Clients on the following matters:

– criminal-law business protection
– defense in cases of business crime, including:

  • capital fraud and managerial bribery,
  • hindering the enforcement of creditors’ claims,
  • money laundering,
  • offense against money and securities trading,
  • offense against property and the credibility of documents,

– defense in cases of penal and fiscal offenses