Construction & Real Estate

Construction & Real Estate

The construction and real estate sector is the primary industry supported by the Law Firm. We have particular expertise in handling complex energy and power infrastructure construction projects.

We were present in a counseling capacity at all the major investments in the field of production of electric energy in recent years in the country. We counsel Investors, General Contractors and Subcontractors.

The Law Firm also has extensive experience in real estate commercialization and increasing property values in the brownfield and greenfield model.

We provide counseling in all civil and administrative and legal aspects of the investment and real estate trade process. The Law Firm provides comprehensive assistance in any proceedings and disputes involving real property.

The scope of counseling:

  • The investment and construction process. The Law Firm provides comprehensive legal support in the investment and construction process.
  • Real estate due diligence. We examine the legal status of the real estate before the commencement of the investment
  • Construction contracts. We draw up agreements for the execution of the investment in every scope for Investors, General Contractors, and Subcontractors.
  • Brownfield and greenfield investments. We support Clients in building the value of the property by changing its purpose in the appropriate model.
  • Representation before public administration authorities. We represent Clients in proceedings before public administration authorities.(i.a. in proceedings for the issuance of environmental decisions, building permits, etc.).
  • Representation before common and administrative courts. We represent Clients in disputes before civil, commercial and administrative courts. (i.a. in complaints against administrative settlements or legal acts adopted by the local government authorities, as well as a study, master plan).
  • Agricultural real property trade. We counsel Clients in the field of trading real properties classified as agricultural. We provide counsel regarding the division and consolidation of agricultural property, expropriation of agricultural property for public roads.
  • We handle public procurements in the area of the investment process. We counsel both the Procuring Entities and the Contractors.
  • Selection of the optimal legal form. We provide counseling on how to safely plan and execute the investment process in corporate terms. We create subsidiaries and special purpose vehicles for the purposes of minimizing risk.


The Law Firm was responsible for handling contracts for construction work at several power plants and cogeneration plants in the country, executed as a general contractor, as well as a subcontractor, and as a consortium.
In the course of these operations, The Law Firm oversaw the risk of joint and several liability, limited the risk of contractual penalties.
The Law Firm was responsible for the preparation of the investment agreement concluded under Polish law with a foreign investor, the subject of which was the execution of construction works outside the EU.
The Law Firm created special purpose vehicles, which were the entity responsible for the operational execution of contracts in order to minimize risks.
The Law Firm handled the court proceedings regarding remuneration for additional works.
The Law Firm represented a leading construction company in disputes for the total value of PLN 9 million.
The Law Firm represented a Polish construction entity in a dispute with a German contractor; the dispute pertained to the agreement subjected to German law, for the total value of above PLN 10 million.
The law Firm supported a Polish construction company in negotiations of the agreement for construction works with the value of above PLN 50 million.

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