Starting a business

We provide advice in the selection of the optimal form of business. This decision often determines further development possibilities, and that is why an analysis of the Client’s needs and expectations is required before making the choice. In our recommendations, we take into account securing the Client to the greatest possible extent.

Permanent legal representation

As part of the permanent legal representation, we provide comprehensive and professional service of the Client’s business. As part of this service, we forecast and resolve all problematic legal issues in a continuous manner. We counsel in order to increase the value of the Client’s business.

Representation before courts and public authorities

The Law Firm represents the Clients before common and administrative Courts, as well as before public administration authorities. Service includes also the preparation of appropriate pleading.

Preparing documentation

The Law Firm prepares the complete documentation necessary over the course of running a business, including agreements, letters, arrangements, internal acts.

Debt collection

The Law Firm claims the amounts due under agreements. Within the frameworks of this service we prepare all the necessary letters, represent the Client before the Court as well as at the stage of the enforcement proceeding.

Legal audit

The Law Firm performs legal audits of business entities. Within the frameworks of the audit, the Law Firm checks the agreements, corporation acts, policies, rules of employment and any other documents resulting in legal implications. A report on the audit is prepared, which contains recommendations which, once implemented, will lead to the minimization of legal risks.